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                                               THE HLH DIFFERENCE

A personal note from Paul Hoffman:

I know that it is difficult to decide which contractor to pick.  There are a number of good companies out there.  There is so much more to the decision beyond flashy sales pitches or price.  Here are a number of reasons why I think that our company, Henry L. Hoffman, Inc., is the one that you should choose.

History:  Our Company has been analyzing and solving water and drainage problems all along the Front Range for over 50 years.  We have taken care of literally thousands of homeowners, businesses, and HOAs during this time.  If our customers move and have the same type of problem at their new home, they are always pleased to find us, still in business, ready to help them again.  Just because a business says that it has been in business for a certain amount of years, there is no guarantee that it has been in our area or even in this type of work.

Honesty:  When I look at your problem, I will tell you what I think the solution is based on the knowledge that I have gleaned in this business over many years.  Usually, it is something our company can help you with, and if so, I will give you a firm price for the work.  If it is something that you can do yourself, I will tell you that.  If it is something that does not need attention, I will tell you that too.  I do not use scare tactics to sell a job.

Experience:  I have been doing this work since high school.  I graduated from Denver South High in 1972, which tells you how long that I have been doing this work, how many drainage problems that I have seen, and how familiar I am with the distinct conditions of the area in which we live.  I used to say that we found everything BUT the kitchen sink.  We once dug up a foundation and FOUND a kitchen sink that had been thrown into the backfill, so I never say that anymore.  Odds are, with my experience, I will not run into something I have not seen before and cannot figure out how to deal with.  Solving your drainage issues often takes creative thinking; there is no “cookie cutter, one size fits all” approach that works.  Every job has its own unique conditions and we act accordingly.  We even get referrals from our competitors.

Personal Attention:  Not only do I come out and analyze your problem, I’m often on the job when you contract with us.  Many times, you will not see the salesman again after the job is contracted.  If I’m not on the job, my brother and/or son are, so if changes need to be made due to different conditions, someone knowledgeable is on site to make those decisions correctly.  

Loyalty:  You will see that when we are on the job and afterwards, our only loyalty is to you, the customer.  You will not be sent an unsupervised crew whose only loyalty is to their paycheck.  We want to do your job right the first time no matter what it takes.  And if there is a problem, we will fix it rather than leaving it for you to find later.  I have heard that some contractors try to avoid problems rather than trying to solve them.  That’s no way to run a business.

Firm Prices:  I will give you a firm price.  I do not lowball a bid, start the job, and then raise the price by telling you that the conditions are different than anticipated.  

Satisfaction:  We do not require money up front.  You will not pay us until you are satisfied with the job that we have done.  You will not worry about having paid up front and then wondering when we’ll show up for work.  I believe that a company that is stable and good at what it does has the resources to complete your job without upfront payment.

Specialization:  Many companies work on drainage and water problems as a part of their company.  For us, drainage and water problems are not a sideline.  This is what we do.

BBB:  Henry L. Hoffman, Inc. is a long time member of the Better Business Bureau and has never had a complaint there.  Not even one that needed resolution.

Small Family Business:  Being a small family company allows us to make sure that every job that we do is done the right way.  The downside of not having a lot of workers is that we sometimes lose jobs because we cannot get to them soon enough.  Sometimes, people get frustrated because we cannot get their job done sooner.  They suggest I hire more workers to get more done.  I would rather do fewer jobs, and do them the best way possible.  Not to cut corners just for expediency sake.  I have had people ask if I could recommend another company that is not as busy.  I just say, “If they’re as good as us.....they’re as busy as us.”  I believe that good things are worth waiting for.

Peace Of Mind:  I believe that peace of mind is what you ultimately want; confidence in a job well done.  Confidence that the company you hire will be there long after your job is completed.  And confidence that I have taken the time to make sure that you know what we are doing and how it will fix your problem.  All of the above is to give YOU peace of mind in a job well done and a job done right that will give you years of problem free living.

From our motto, “Inquiries particularly solicited for unusual and difficult problems,” to our cleanup when your job is complete, you will find Henry L. Hoffman, Inc. is a different kind of contractor.  People often comment, “I wish more contractors were like you.”  And then they recommend us to their friends.

Thank you for your time and for considering Henry L. Hoffman, Inc.


Paul S. Hoffman, President

Henry L. Hoffman, Inc.